We believe in upholding the highest ethical standards in line with the ‘V’ philosophy. Our business conduct is guided by the tenets of the ‘V’ Code of Conduct, and our employees and associates are expected to be aligned to the Code in letter and spirit so as to preserve our legacy, protect the company’s reputation and continuously earn the TRUST of our stakeholders.

Keeping in mind our company’s globally dispersed organisation structure, we have reinforced our Ethics management structure to facilitate effective cascading of the Ethics process, guide stakeholders in upholding the Code of Conduct and reinforce our values.

We have an Ethics Council comprising a Chief Ethics Counselor, Locational Ethics Counselors in our key geographies as well as Lady Ethics Counselors at various locations who address the requirements of women employees globally. Ethics Council members can be freely accessed by anyone who wishes to raise a concern. To facilitate the process, concern boxes are placed at various locations.

Among the policies that define our ethics principles are:

  • ‘V’ Code of Conduct
  • Team Cartel and single Nest task
  • Core Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Policy.
  • Our Green Nation Tribute strategy.
  • Our Quality Business system
  • Not I but ‘V’ all

For any guidance or concerns, stakeholders may contact us at :